MY311 is a  “technology glove.”  This means it fits on top of your current website with no changes. One of the key criteria in our design was to ensure absolute data integrity. At no time does My311 input data or change your basic municipal systems. It sits on the outside and allows you to decide how and when you will deal with external inquiries.When a citizen or inquiry hunts your website and all of its links and file types MY311 will present the best answer along with others in a descending percentage view. MY311 will also create a tag cloud so the inquirer can look at other related issues and answers without further inquiries or frustration.


There are four basic steps to implementing MY311.




Once a municipality has decided to implement MY311 we then send our proprietary web crawler through their system. Once again, this changes nothing on their system. It merely looks at all files, file types and data structures to ensure we can provide the best service and performance.

Normally we find a large number of disparate files including video, audio, numerical, text and a number of other types. Additionally, we often find many municipalities have linked their website to external sources such as Parks and Recreation and, in the case of districts, sometimes linking with sister communities. MY311 understands all this and maps the multiple sites and links.

This process is automatic and normally takes a day or two. During this time our consultants will meet with you to be sure you are happy with your current structure and have in fact all the information on your website that you wish. We can, at your request, add additional content and help your site be more responsive and friendly.


After our evaluation, we then proceed to fit our technology glove over your website. This is largely an unseen technical process where our crawlers look at every piece of data and information on your site and create our index.

During this process we work with you to identify the top questions and any issues of particular interest to your municipality. We then load these questions along with the appropriate answers into our database. Based on our research we can also provide and load the most asked questions and answers from municipalities all around North America.

At this time we mutually establish a success plan and then ongoing communication and monitoring plan whereby we will work closely with you to view the results and more importantly, what they mean. This type of data gives municipalities an understanding of their most current and burning issues, connecting them to the pulse of their community. If desired we can work with your people to create Web messages and other forms of communication designed to help the citizens avoid having to send an inquiry. For example, this may mean quickly adding to your website or our MY311 website pertinent messages such as road closures, snow removal, budget meetings and so forth.

Depending on the size and complexity of the website this may take a few days.

The result of all this is that you are up and running normally in 5 to 10 business days, during which time there has been no impact on your website and/or your daily procedures.

At this time we will also agree on reporting information. We will provide you with our standard package, which includes over 25 reports and, in some cases, will design specific reports to fit your specific needs.


For the first month you will receive weekly updates and metrics on all inquiries and their results. If required we will modify our system in order to improve its accuracy and thereby increase citizen satisfaction.

Normally we expect the first month to be a breaking in period where we are learning your citizens issues and how best your municipality wishes to respond to them. It is a normal breaking in period.

Afterwards we will present you with monthly reports and updates. Naturally at any time all of these reports are available on demand through our web reporting tool.

After one month your system should be functioning at an extremely high percentage of accuracy.


MY311 support services are available seven days a week 24 hours a day for the first three months. Afterwards we can be reached during normal business hours but if required will provide full-time service availability.

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