The MY311 Product Family – Design Criteria

The MY311 Product Family - Design Criteria

The quantity and complexity of information contained within a municipality is soaring.The average citizen has no idea how to find the information they are seeking. Working through the city websites means long periods of hunting, pecking and frustration.

Designed for the Cloud

Cloud computing offers the best, most versatile, reliable and cost effective approach to computing today. It is designed to be flexible and easily upgradeable while at the same time including full redundancy and the ability to be accessed from virtually any kind of system that can get on the web.

Our developers and technology partners have years of experience in the development and use of cloud technologies. MY 311 is based on this proven platform while at the same time adding the unique features and functions that a municipality and it’s citizens can rely on.

Knowledge Based Learning Engine – Our Secret Sauce

The MY311 advanced rule-based semantic technologies generates an artificial intelligence alike that of a human being. So, by understanding the intent and meaning of data, it is able to structure knowledge and provides real-time information analysis in response to citizen’s inquiries. Its superior accuracy and flexibility make our solution stand out.

The more MY311 is used the smarter it becomes. Initially the system is loaded with the top 50 questions most often asked. These originate from a cross section of municipalities throughout North America. As the system is used more and more it will understand connotation in context of the questions and queries it receives.  It continues to grow and understand more about the relevant information contained within your city, and how your citizens want to receive it.

My 311 should not be confused with a search engine. Rather, it is a retrieval engine.


MY311 is a total solution for municipalities wishing to communicate with their citizens in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The system is made up of seven modules plus a suite of implementation and training services to ensure each municipality and their citizens receive the full benefits that are available.

Extractor – The Core of the System

Our advanced rule-based semantic technologies identify and extract key concepts in order to outline the intent and meaning of the inquiry.  Using advanced computational linguistics and natural language processing technologies, our functionality accurately finds and classifies key phrases, concepts, and relationships within an unstructured text. The uniqueness of our functionality means that it does not require training or laborious prior development of vocabulary, taxonomy or ontology.

This functionality extracts concepts, entities, extended entities, industry terms, people, companies, organizations, locations and many other types of entities within business documents and texts.

  • Handles all types of files including data, text, PDF, video and audio
  • Uncovers key information buried into massive data
  • Extracts key concepts in a document to broaden categorization and classification
  • Provides real-time analysis to prepare for and respond to issues
  • Identifies terms and topics to uncover trends
  • Uses a friendly client interface
  • Natural language-based search analyses Context of question and presents best answers
  • Also provides suggestions and options
  • Creates a Learning Semantic based Knowledge Manager
  • Provides ability for inquiries or input
  • Uses all information contained or linked to a Municipal website
  • Uses any and all file types
  • Generates on the fly Tag Clouds


  • Citizen friendly
  • The avatar representing the mayor, or a designate to present a welcoming face of the city.
  • This is optional


  • Mail Routing and follow up
  • The mail routing tool that can take open311.org-based service requests and route them to the correct person.
  • Provides issue tracking and resolution back to the requestor.


  • The toolset to define and manage the knowledge base driving the above three tools.
  • We can load stock questions, provide the user the ability to enter an answer, as well as one or more web pages showing the answers.
  • Cities should be able to adjust the questions and answers as needed.


  • The analysis set that creates reports based upon successfully completed searches.
  • We can provide stock reports at the start for all sorts of performance metrics of the system and its content.
  • Comes with 25 standard or customizable reports
  • Integrates with Google analytics
  • Based on these reports a real time Dashboard is available


  • Eventual API for hooking into open311.org API and Coginov Public API, as well as our own artifacts.


  • MY311 email management system begins by analyzing emails before automatically sorting, transferring and answering them, while boosting your productivity and performance in real time. The application also automatically transmits acknowledgements of receipt. This natural and quick language processing tool will substantially upgrade your customer service by reducing response time.


  • Automatically analyzes, sorts, routes, transfers and answers all emails received.
  • Automatically sends acknowledgements.
  • Routes complex messages to the right department.
  • Contains an email transmission module.
  • Can be modified in line with your company’s needs and requirements.
  • Includes an integrated administration module for managing users.
  • Includes a user-friendly administration module that provides access to reports and statistics.
  • Includes a anti-spam module
  • Provided in hosted or paid mode.

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