My311 – Truly the Solution of Our Times:

There is truly an industry transformation underway, and on the crest of this wave is the 311 service as we know it. As highlighted in the Harvard study (2008)


”311-The Next Wave” the solution is:
follow the technology.

311 was a great idea that provided the best means at the time to allow citizens and municipalities to become partners and create a healthy open forum for communications.


That was “then” – this is “now” and we simply believe that using old and expensive methodologies is the wrong way to go forward.
The technology exists: natural language programming – NLP. This technology is the core of MY311. It processes inquiries based on the context of the question, not just on the exact words used. Through natural language resources, it defines the available data at a high level, and invokes an answering mechanism in response to a question in real time.
What is unique is it is programmed to understand the question, and delivers content through a response /dialogue.


This is Indeed The Ultimate Information-Seeking Tool.

This technology has been under development for years by major corporations and universities
but unfortunately because of it’s complexity it was simply too expensive to be used in all but the
biggest multinational organizations.

MY311 makes this technology available to the average citizen and even the smallest municipality.
The smart outcomes will carefully analyse your inquiry and give you what you really want,
and not just limit the answer to what you asked for.

There is no turning back ….

The Revolution has started