My311 Partners

The Core – Coginov

In order to deliver MY311 it was recognized that the system had to built on a powerful, predictable and reliable Knowledge and Information Management system. MY311 selected Coginov, based in Montreal, Quebec as the very Best of Breed developer and partner.

The Montreal-based knowledge and information management specialist, Coginov, has a clear focus on enhancing user experience in the interactive world as well as redefining knowledge management intelligence. Its strong experience and expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing positions Coginov in the forefront of the information management and IT world.

Coginov is an IT consulting firm that helps businesses and organizations develop their full potentials through innovation and through maximizing their distinctive advantages. Coginov’s expertise draws on its senior advisors’ many years of experience in management, strategic planning, product development, R&D and technology marketing. Coginov is proud of the quality of its technological services and solutions, as well as of its ability to deliver true value to its many clients in a timely manner.

This technology provides the basis of MY311 however it was still not enough.

Friendly – Approachable – Simple – Enjoyable


The Look – eau3

MY311 is designed so that each and every citizen can easily understand how to use the system without ever feeling intimidated or uncomfortable. The look and feel of MY311 mirrors the specific city’s look and feel.

Most importantly the user should enjoy using MY311 and keep coming back again and again.

In order to provide this unique, attractive and simple look we worked with another well known Montreal Branding and design organization to develop this look from the ground up.

Eau3 has years of success in working with international companies to create a presence, develop a Brand and create a simple and highly usable customer experience.

The Perfect Union

MY311 represents a solution based on the very best of software, services, support, focus and design. It was designed specifically for Municipalities and citizens with no compromise.

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