Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MY311?

My311 is a community based initiative by a company headquartered in Metcalfe Ontario. Though small in size, our company is big on experience comprising a savvy team of professionals including senior consultants in the fields of business, technology, sales, project management, advertising and international marketing. We also source the best of software, services, support, focus and design from our talented partners.

What is MY311?

What is NLP?

What happens if MY311 breaks?

Why is MY311 so inexpensive?

Who is using it?

What size city/town does it fit?

How is it installed?

How is it supported?

How long is implementation?

What is the justification for a MY311 project?

When can I contact MY311?

How will the performance of My311 be measured?

How did MY311 come about?

How will calls for service be handled and tracked?

What is the difference between 911 and 311?

How long is training?

I already have 311. Why should I install MY311?

How does the system “Learn”?

Who loads my most asked questions?

Where has this core technology been used?

What type of computer does a person need to use the service?

How long is the agreement?

How am I billed for the service?

Is there a discount if I pay the year up front?

What type of files does the system handle?

Does it work with linked websites?

Does it include input and inquiries?

Why does the system ask for my postal code?

What type of technologies does it work with?

How do I get my reports?

How often can I get them?

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