The Core Solution

Web-Driven Citizen Service Center

Delivers up to  90% of the functionality of a people-based 311 system at a small fraction of the cost. It implements in days and for most cities costs far less than one employee annually.

Is a revolutionary technology glove that fits on top of your website. It requires no technical changes nor does it alter any of your information. It is simply a web-based portal designed for citizens to either send information to the city or make inquiries regarding any city service, program or information.

All this is done in a matter of seconds with no operator or municipal intervention required. The system  interprets the question, reasons the various answers and returns them electronically.

It begins with the best fit and provides a series of alternatives based upon a percentage fit. It also can provide geographic locations and  interface with various mapping systems.

MY311 is a very powerful yet friendly knowledge
engine that grows and learns with each inquiry.

The solution is an ideal fit for small to medium sized communities that simply do not have the wherewithal to implement a full multi million-dollar 311 system. It is flexible and can co-exist and  work with an existing 311 system to help share the load. There is no other system available which enables the municipality to easily and openly communicate with their local business, residents and visitors while at the same time not incurring extra organizational or people costs.

The system is always “on” – it never sleeps,  takes a vacation, or a sick day.

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