Why should your municipality consider MY311

There is simply no better cost effective solution

There are no capital costs, and minimal staff training. In addition there are no complex systems integration issues to deal with. The My311 software glove fits over any and all websites and their content, and links to the social networks, such as Facebook and Google.

Once set in place in about two weeks, it delivers a service that never sleeps. It navigates customers through the “right door” – one web portal – which is important to the majority of citizens according to a Citizens First Survey – in knowing where to find the right government information and services at the outset.

For municipalities already delivering a people based 311 service, My311 easily co-exists; where there is no existing 311 service, it was designed to be a stand alone solution that delivers approximately 90 % of the functionality of a people based 311 system. If desired My311 readily delivers the first stage of a full system 311 implementation.

The software has a built in reporting system for customer servicing and the data collected can be analyzed and transformed into useful intelligence. The system allows the city to keep its finger on the citizen’s pulse by understanding their concerns, interests and wants.

It enables municipalities to streamline operations, track, report, solve problems and ensure results.

Not only is it giving citizens consistent quality service and a great communicator tool, it gives them an active role to play in solving the problems in their own neighborhoods.

The cost of a My311 solution:  50% of the cost of one city employee annually.
The savings:  enormous.
The efficiency and effectiveness:  timeless

No limits to My 3-1-1

There are no limits to My311. Instead, there is a vast array of possibilities as residents only have to enter the My311 portal and step into the heady world of their local government. And it will cost your community and each resident substantially less to make it happen!


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